The future of Silicon Carbide Single-Wafer Processing

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About Revasum

World Leader in SiC Single-Wafer Processing Equipment

Revasum specializes in the design and manufacturing of capital equipment used in the semiconductor device manufacturing process. Our product portfolio includes grinding, polishing and CMP equipment used to manufacture substrates and devices for the global semiconductor industry.

The Company has leveraged its significant intellectual property portfolio to develop the new flagship 6EZ Silicon Carbide Polisher, which, alongside the 7AF-HMG Silicon Carbide Grinder, provides Revasum’s customers with an optimized, fully automated single-wafer grind and polish toolset. The solution is configurable for SiC wafers 200mm and below.

Revasum works closely with its customers to develop new systems that provide continuously improving capabilities to increase manufacturing yields and lower production costs.

The Company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is based in San Luis Obispo, California, United States. The Company also has both direct and independent sales and service offices located in the US, China, Europe, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

What We Offer

Our Equipment Solutions

6EZ Polisher

It’s no secret that SiC is a hard material to process. We understand the challenges of working with SiC and we have applied our knowledge of SiC grinding, prime wafer polishing, and CMP technology to develop a unique solution that truly makes polishing SiC easy.

We are pleased to introduce you to the 6EZ, the world’s first fully-automated, single wafer, dry-in-dry-out polisher designed specifically for SiC.

  • Fully-automated, cassette-to-cassette handling
  • Single wafer processing for excellent wafer-to-wafer control
  • Single-side and two-sided polish
  • Three tables with dedicated carriers, pad conditioners, and pad cleaners

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6EZ Polisher

7AF-HMG Grinder

Revasum’s 7AF-HMG grinding solution extends wheel life by nine times, increases uptime by 10%, boosts wafer output by 15 percent, and reduces the cost of ownership by seven times. With a return on investment of less than one year, the choice for SiC grinding is clear: choose the 7AF-HMG.

  • Real-time grind performance monitoring
  • Supports dual fine grind, dual coarse grind, and standard coarse/fine grind processing
  • A self-dressing grind process
  • Wafer flipping available for double-side grinding applications

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7AF-HMG Grinder

Re-Manufactured Equipment

All pre-owned equipment goes through a rigorous remanufacturing process. Starting with selecting only the highest quality equipment available. Each unit is inspected, cleaned, repaired, and tested by the original equipment manufacturing engineers. All equipment also comes with a full license for the latest version of software available and a six-month warranty on parts and labor.

Re-manufactured equipment

Revasum Leadership

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Board of Directors

The Board has a broad range of experience in the technology industry, specifically within the semiconductor capital equipment industry, as well as financial and listed company experience.